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Infrastructure and Commercial Concrete Repair 
Five Star Concrete Patch
Normal setting, high strength repair material.
Five Star Waterproofing
Cementitious waterproof coating.
Five Star Rapid Patch
Fast strength gain for concrete repair.
Five Star Waterproofing HG
Horizontal grade waterproofing.
Five Star Vertical Patch
Vertical and overhead concrete repair material.
Five Star Cement Coat
Cement based coating.
Five Star Shotcrete
Dry process shotcrete repair material.
Five Star Nonshrink Grout
General purpose construction grout.
Five Star Shotcrete WP
Wet process shotcrete repair material.
Five Star LV Adhesive
Low viscosity epoxy adhesive.
Five Star Highway Patch
Fast strength gain for traffic areas.
Five Star Injection Gel
Epoxy gel adhesive.
Five Star Fast Set Cement
Field mix concrete for horizontal patching.
Five Star Bonding Adhesive
Multi-purpose epoxy adhesive.
Five Star AC Coat
Anti-corrosion coating for reinforcement steel.
Five Star RS Anchor Gel
Rapid setting epoxy gel adhesive.
    Five Star Fluid Epoxy
All-purpose fluid epoxy.































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